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Voice Actions for Android

What is Android Voice Command

Android is the most popular cellular OS in the world in this modern era. Android Voice Command is an invention of modern technology for new generation’s Android mobile users by which the user of Android keeps their finger free against typing on their cell phone/mobile phone. Although the official name of this function is “Android Voice Actions” we say it voice command. It makes easier the usage of android enabled mobile. This features is available in various languages like French, Spanish, Italian or plain English. It is a series of commands that let us control our mobile phone using our voice. It help us to make Call, send text message and email, operate music player, browsing internet, all the necessary work by just speaking into our mobile phone. There is lots of this kind of app in the Android Market available. Here we gave some details about those apps.

Voice –Action


We need to find our Google Search Widget on our phone to start Voice-action. We will want to put this Google Search Widget at the top of right side on our main screen of mobile.

There is a Microphone icon present on the right side of the Google Search Widget. This icon is the key of start android’s Voice-Action. We have to press this icon to start this Voice-Action feature. When we start this microphone it gives us some commands. Then we have to sincerely follow it. We will see a screen with a command “speak now”. If we don’t reply fast it will skipped on next screen with a new command i.e. “No speech heard” or “no match found”. Then we will select the bottom line option button i.e. “speak again”.

We do not have to speak so quickly, we just want to start speaking properly when the application is ready to hear. Some practice is required to enjoy this feature properly.

Features of Android Voice Actions

  • Access phone call – We have to say a phone number or a name from phone book. It starts dialing and give us some choice if that is not sure. COMMAND: [Call Mohan, mobile].
  • View a map of our surrounding places – Just say the name of place. It shows us a visual map where we present at that time. COMMAND: [Map College Street].
  • Voice guided navigation – Say the name of a place or address. It shows us a direction of arrow by which we can find the given place. COMMAND: [Navigate to Howrah Bridge].
  • SMS sending facility – First say the name or number and then say the message. On the screen if we see the proper message is written what we say then say send message. COMMAND: [Send Text to Mohan, are you free at night question mark].
  • Emailing facility – Say the contact name, then give the message. The message will be send by email. COMMAND: [email Mohan, are you free at night question mark].
  • Access of music player- Say the name of song and say to play. It will then start music for us. COMMAND: [Play Vandemataram song].
  • Internet surfing – It provides us internet surfing facility. To surfing internet we have to say a website name or URL. COMMAND: [Go to Google dot com].
  • Definition – It gives us definition what we want to know. This feature is as like as dictionary. So choose a proper word for its definition. COMMAND: [Define Industry]

Price: Free

Supportive version: Android 2.2 and higher.

Download link: Google.com



Features: Control the phone by speech commands. We can set alarms and remainders on it. Send text message which user dictate. It can navigate maps.

Price: Free

Supportive version: Android 2.1 and higher.

Download link: Market.Android.com.

Vlingo Virtual Assistant


Features: We can send text message and emails. It has voice dials facility. We can search the internet,
Find local restaurants, stations, museums. Navigation facility gives us directions of road or places. We can update our status on social websites. It can open other application of mobile phones.

Price: Free

Supportive version: Android 2.1 and higher.

Download link: Market.Android.com

Voice Search


Features: we can make calls, send sms, e-mail by this application. This application is very simple to use. Instead of typing we enjoy the internet facility. We can find location by navigation process very easily.

Price: Free

Supportive version: Android 2.1 and higher.

Download link: Appbrain.com

Classic Text To Speech Engine


Features: With this application of android we can drive cars safely by its navigating tools. It can read all notification of caller’s sms/mms/email. It can read e-books with proper pronunciation very clearly and help us in reading in English.

Price: Free

Supportive version: Android 2.1 and higher.

Download link: Androiddev.Orkitra.com.

Talking Tom Cat


Features: It is a funny application of android. This application repeats everything what we say in a funny style. It records our video and shares it to internet through Face book, Twitter etc.

Price: Free

Supported version: Android 2.1 and higher.

Download link: Download from official Play.Google.com.

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