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VLC Media Player for Android

Android has fallen short when it comes to the media playback factor. But to overcome this drawback, a number of third party media player applications are introduced in the market. The VLC media player is one of those media player applications, which has many audio and video codecs enabled to play any type of audio and video files in an Android based devices.vlc_player_for_android

Features of VLC media player

The VLC player is much more capable in terms of dependability, speed and is considered as the most stable media player for Android phones. The basic features of the VLC player are:

  • Excellent video playback.
  • Massive library of audio and video codecs,
  • Can be run and installed directly from USB flash driver and many more.

The users can experience better quality videos and fast downloads in their devices. One can really enjoy this fast and reliable video player designed particularly for Smartphones.

How to Download and Install VLC Player for Android

It is very easy to download and install VLC for Android. The Android devices are classified in to two categories based on the processor classification. The two types of processors are NEON and NO-NEON. First of all, one has to find out the processor type of the device. To download and install VLC player, one must follow the steps given below:

  1. Open any File Manager application on the Android device.
  2. Navigate through the directory to locate the file ‘/proc/cpuinfo’.
  3. After locating the ‘cpuinfo’ file, open it in HTML Viewer.
  4. In the file, one can find the detailed information about the processor. Try to locate the word ‘neon’ in the description.
  5. If the ‘neon’ word is seen in the information, one must download the ‘NEON’ version. Click here to download.
  6. If there is no such word, one should consider the processor type as NO-NEON and download the ‘NO-NEON’ version by following the this link.
  7. After finding the processor type and downloading the appropriate version of VLC player, one can install it to their device by going through simple installation steps as shown below with figures:
      1. At the very first step it will prompt for installing the application. Proceed with the clicking ‘Install’ button.step1
      2. Installation is in progress. step2
      3. The application is installed. step3
      4. Now enjoy listening to music in VLC media player.step4

Advantages and Disadvantages of VLC player for Android

VLC player for Android has become a true reality and dream for every individual user. Though there are many third-party applications, the VLC media player for Android is such an app which is capable of supporting almost all media file formats from MKV to AVI. Other media files are not capable of supporting these files.  The app has become very easy and interesting for users.

The main drawback of VLC player is its technical requirement. To work successfully, the VLC player needs Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform.

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