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TomTom for Android

Since 1991 TomTom, a GPS based navigation service provider has started its journey with one and only aim of developing software products for mobile devices to provide world’s best navigation experience to all the drivers. At their earliest TomTom started developing very simple mobile applications like bar-code reader, meter reader, order entry systems for Business to Business systems and then switched to developing Personal Digital Assistant Devices (PDA) and has come out as the leading PDA development organization.

Along with a number of consumer applications for PDA’s have been developed by them such as RoutePlanner and City maps navigation apps. Now with the people’s growing craze on android, they stepped into the android world and launched a product so called “TomTom Places app for Android”. We will see all about this application viz. description, features, price, and availability followed by some screenshot in this article.

This is the main product of TomTom and besides this they have launched or about to launch couple of applications like TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile, TomTom Navigator.

TomTom Places App for Android

This app is designed simply to put the world of knowledge about your nearby visiting places, shops, restaurants, doctors etc. in your pocket. Result of all these searches will be enlisted on a map along with shortest route and traffic to your destination. The search can be done with place name, street name, category, store name with any keyword. The best part of this app is that searches can also be made in your own local language irrespective of your location.


  • IQ Routes and HD Traffic.

This new improved technology IQ Routes in conjunction with HD Traffic helps you in getting smartest route based on real average speed on those roads as compared to speed limits within an interval of hours or day to make your journey a realistic one, meanwhile saving your time, fuel and money as well. This technology is using historical data added by drivers over the decades to their TomTom servers. It calculates the actual time with the distance you are going to travel at the rate of maximum speed limit. This feature helps in avoiding traffic as well. These calculations may not be correct always but drivers can get rough idea which in turn can help him in enjoying driving.

  • Searches can be done in your very own language irrespective of your location.

You can search for the things that you use in your daily livelihood like soap, oil etc. it will ask for the category to get result for you with the list of local shops around you.

  • Search for your way, place, street can be done easily.

The search option is designed in such a way that you can search with any terms, words, phrases whatever may it be viz. name of your way, place name, street name etc. It will give you approximately correct and smartest root to your destination.

  • Best option to make smart decisions for outing plan.

If you want to make small trip suddenly to your nearest tourist spot or if you plan to go to a nearest restaurant to have a good meal, then just search here to get all the info enlisted as a map indicating the smartest path to your destination.

  • Favorite Searches can be bookmarked and viewed later.

You can save the all the details about the shop, contact information etc. with this technology.

How TomTom Places App Works

We will see some screenshots of TomTom places app’s working procedure:




It can be downloaded here at free of cost.

TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile

In a single word this app is a pocket sized fleet management.  This is not a navigator app rather you need to have WEBFLEET account at the cost of 10.96$     (Rs. 548.32) which means it’s not free, users has to buy this app.


  • Ease of use.
  • Keeps your business moving wherever you go.
  • Manage on-road operations at anytime and anywhere.

How TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile Works

Here we will see about the working style of TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile and how it gives search result for you.

TomTom WEBFLEET Mobile


This app can be downloaded from this link @ $10.96

TomTom Navigator App

TomTom has famous navigation systems app for over and decade. TomTom has already launched this app for iPhone and it comes under top 1o Apple iPhone app and costs $39.99.


  • Latest and most updated maps.
  • Real time Traffic Updates.
  • Smartest route for your destination.
  • Regular update of maps @daily or weekly basis.
  • Easy customization.
  • Support of multitasking.
  • Search of all shops, places, restaurants within a second.

How TomTom Navigator Works

Here we will see how it generated result for your destination.



It’s not yet been released and it is expected to be launched very soon.

So this was all about TomTom apps for Android and I guess it willhelp user to get the best navigation system and can have the world of knowledge about local sites, shops, restaurants etc. along with fleet management in their pocket.

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