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10 Best Remote Desktop Apps for Android

There is no doubt that an Android smartphone has now become a power plant for powerful computing device. But sometimes the smartphones also have to surrender in front of the desktops. Nevertheless, I is also true that we just can’t put our desktop all around. That’s the reason why remote desktop apps are marketed. It is so designed that the users can now access their home computers from a distant place also. Isn’t it sounds fun? Yes, it must be.

remote desktop app for Android

Top Remote Desktop Apps for Android

1. Gmote

It is a very effective and simple app which is mainly designed for people to access to their music and video files at ease. The users have to download this wonderful app on their phone and its complementary server to their desktop. After this, they must activate the app and select the server and they’re good to go. 

Download Gmote here.

2. RemoteDroid

Those who have a smartphone, they can use Remote droid on their local Wi-Fi network and turn their device into a unique combination of wireless keyboard and mouse. This app is totally user friendly, has got easy controls and users will not face any difficulty while installing this app also.

Download RemoteDroid here.

3. Xtralogic’s Remote Desktop Client

With the brand new Xtralogic remote desktop client, users will be able to handle their important files from their phone itself and will also be able to convert their phone into an effective keyboard. Thus users can maintain full synchronization with their PC as long they have the phone in their hands.

Download Xtralogic’s Remote Desktop Client.

4. Splashtop Remote Desktop

Popularly known as one of the best apps for Androids till now, Splashtop gives option to view or edit MS Office documents. It requires Splashtop Streamer Software which can be downloaded for free from the company’s website to the PC or Mac.

Download Splashtop Remote Desktop App.

5. Android VNC Viewer

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It lets one control the desktop practically from anywhere. It is an open source remote desktop app for Android Series. It supports pinc-to-zoom function on certain devices in gesture mode and multiple VNC servers. 

Download Android VNC Viewer.

6. Pocket Cloud

It can be operated only over a wi-fi network.PocketCloud comes with three options to get connected such as RDP, VNC or Google Account. It can hold screen control and custom keyboards, along with the ability to add shortcuts.

Download Pocket Cloud here.

7. Remote Desktop by Blip

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. It’s a protocol developed by Microsoft to support their Remote Assistance technology and Remote Desktop features. All Pro versions of Windows come with the software pre-installed. RDP is not available in Home versions of windows. It is available as a 3rd party application for some Linux distro’s.

Download Remote Desktop app by Blip.

8. PhoneMyPC

PhoneMyPC uses a technology most similar to VNC, in that we send actual graphics data, so there are cases where RDP would provide better performance. PhoneMyPC is also the only remote application to support multi-touch zooming since Android 1.0.

Download PhoneMyPC.

9. TeamViewer

We can easily remote our friends PC or even our own with this application. The application supports multi-touch gesture and other operations such as left click,right click,scroll down,zooming etc.

Download TeamViewer here.

10. Remote Desktop Client

The application allows us to wirelessly acces the computer.It also sets custom screen resolution for an appropriate fit on any device display.The tool provides with an on screen keyboard and a few extra buttons that are more likely to find on the device.

Download Remote Desktop Client here.


These are the best among the lot. Grab any one among them, and start using them to the fullest.

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