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How to Install Android on HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 is a popular device among hackers. Currently many projects are in progress to run a total of 5 Operating Systems (Windows Mobile, Android, Ubuntu, MeeGo and Windows Phone 7) on the HTC HD2. Most developed one is Android. The XDA-Developers forum is the hub of HD2-Android project. For information and help you can visit XDA Developer’s Forum.

android on htc hd2

Follow these six steps to install android on HTC HD2:


You need SD card, HSPL3, at least radio, an Android build (Shu8i’s Cyanogenmod Stock is recommended), a Kernel (Hastarin’s kernels is recommended).

Kernel is where the android developments are made. The Build will come with a kernel. Latest kernel means more functional Android OS.


HSPL is allowing users to boot ROMs and other operating systems. HSPL is a hack that disables some protection features of the boot loader. Download the latest HSPL – HSPL3 from XDA Developers forum.


The Radio ROM is a software part used to on/off power and control your radio interfaces. It includes 2G/3G phone, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, GPS, OEMSBL (Radio Boot Loader) and other firmware needed to use your radio interface and to interact them with operating system. You need at least radio to run android on HD2. The latest radio is not always the best one. You should see which one will give you least problems and more battery life.


There are huge numbers of Android builds available for HD2. Most recommended is Cyanogenmod based builds. Builds are essentially installed by dragging or dropping the provided ‘Android’ folder on your SD card.


Kernel is heart of Android. The bellow steps are for installing new kernel-

Replace the zlmage in /Android/ folder on your SD card.

It includes copy over the provided HaRet.exe and startup.txt.

Check the read me file for other required information.


It is the time to fire up Windows Mobile and negative to SD card or Android.

Click Clrcad.exe and then HaRet.exe. First boot may take time up to 30 minutes. Once you have rebooted then you will have Android on your HTC HD2.

Video Tutorial


N.B: Although Android is an open source Operating System, it is highly dependent on the mobile phone’s hardware. So before installing Android on any platform, just make sure whether Android is supported by that platform otherwise some features may not work properly on the concerned platform.

We hope this article will guide users through installing Android on HTC HD2 phones.

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