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How To Sync Android With Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one of the oldest software systems to get mails, arrange calendars, manage tasks, etc. Since it’s a Microsoft product, Windows Mobile users do not have much difficulty in synchronizing Outlook with Windows phone. But the same is not true for Android users. In fact, there is no direct one-shot method available with which one can get everything in Android synchronized with Outlook. There are a couple of good software packages available in the market, with which one can get the task done. Here, in this article, we shall see what all options are available to synchronize Android with Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook with Android Android With Outlook

CompanionLink Synchronization Software

CompanionLink is the most popular synchronization software to synchronize your Android device with Microsoft Outlook. This app can invariably sync your contacts, task, email, etc from Outlook. The procedure is well defined and almost all the versions of Android are supported, including latest one i.e. Ice Cream Sandwich. The best part is that the sync process happens over the USB cable so it’s fast and consistent.

CompanionLink Software CompanionLink Synchronization

 User has to install CompanionLink Software on the PC (or Laptop) and connect it to the Android phone using USB cable. Also, one needs to install a free CRM app for Android, which is called DejaOffice in the device. So in effect, CompanionLink on PC communicates with CRM app on Android phone and effectively syncs the phone with PC (or Laptop). You can download CompanionLink trial version for 14 days, whereas to buy you have to shell out $49.95. The Android side app, i.e. DejaOffice is free to download and use. You can download CompanionLink from here, while DefaOffice can be downloaded from here.

gSyncit Synchronization Software

This is again a wonderful piece of Software from company called Fieldston Software. gSyncit is basically a Microsoft Outlook add-on which helps in synchronization of contacts, notes, calendars and tasks between Google Account and Outlook. So, its basically three step process, in which first you need to sync between Outlook and Google, then between Google and Android device. The Software is available for $19.99 and can be downloaded from this link.

gSyncit Software gSyncit Synchronization

Missing Sync for Android

This Android to Outlook synchronization software is developed by a company called Mark/Space, Inc. With the help of this software you can synchronize calendars, notes, contacts, tasks etc. The best part with this software is that user can do the synchronization activity over USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi. The software is available for $39.95 and can be downloaded from here.


Missing Sync for Android Missing Sync for Android

Free method to synchronize Contacts and Calendar

With the help of this method, you can synchronize only contacts and calendar items. Please follow the steps below:

  • First of all, you need to save the contacts (and calendar) items as .csv file from Microsoft Outlook. Here csv stands for Comma Separated Values.
  • Next step is to import these csv files in Gmail (and Google Calendar).
  • Synchronize your Google account with the Android device to update all your contacts and calendar.

Contacts Calendar

 As you can see here from the points mentioned above that there is no one step method to synchronize Outlook with Android. Either you have to buy the commercial synchronization software, or follow above-mentioned steps to sync your contacts and calendar.

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