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How to Install Android Apps

How to Install Android Apps – Easy and Non Conventional Methods

Android is a wonderful mobile OS. The power of Android is augmented by the large number of apps available for this platform in Android Market and other places. Installing app from Android Market is pretty simple and straightforward. Just look out for the desired app, and hit install button.

But in case if you want to try other methods to install Android app in your phone, here’s something for you. In this tutorial, we have listed down two simple methods to install apps on your Android phone. Please take a look.

Essential Step Before Installation

If you are installing Android app from third party sources (not from Android Market), then it’s mandatory to “Enable” installation from unknown sources option in Android. Here’s how to do it.

Go to Menu -> Settings -> Applications and click the box marked  “Allow Installation of non-market Applications”. Please take a look at screen shot below,

Android unknown sources

Method1: Conventional Way of Installation


In this method, typically we shall install the Android app, as we do it in our PC. We will just browse to the .apk file (or Android Installation File) and open it and install. Unlike PC, where we have File Explorer available, Android doesn’t comes with any File Explorer pre-installed. So, you need to download a File Manager to your phone. There are in fact may File Managers available for Android, but our preferred one is Astro File Manager. You can download this File Manager from here.

Astro File Manager


Next you need to copy the Android Installation file, called .apk file to the phone’s SD card from your PC. This can be easily done by connecting your phone via USB cable and copying the file with Windows File Manager, or whatever OS you are using.


Disconnect the USB cable and navigate to the .apk file using Astro File Manager. When you’ll click on the .apk file, following dialog box will be displayed.

Astro Dialog box

Select “Open App Manager”.


When the next pages are displayed, simply select “Install”, and you will find that your app has been installed successfully.

App Install

Method2: Using Dropbox

This method is really simple if you have used Dropbox before or already using it. What you need to do is that simply download (or copy) the installation file (.apk file) to your Dropbox folder and let it sync with the cloud. Once that is done, open Dropbox in your phone and click on the .apk file. This action will simply download it on your phone. Once you have .apk file on your phone, follow the method mentioned above to complete the installation process.

Dropbox img

If you don’t have Dropbox already, you can download it from here.

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