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How Many Android Apps Are There ?

Android is a type of OS that has been developed by the Google for mobile phones. It’s a Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Android Mobile has many apps that can be downloaded from the Android Market. Android apps provides extra boost to the phones. It helps in enhancing the quality of the phones.

Android Market

Android Market is a place where we can find and download apps, games, and read latest Android news. Recent research shows that Android Market is growing but still it needs some improvement.

Android Apps

 Apps Categories

Apps are divided into many categories like free, paid, utilities, games etc. Some of them are:

Free apps

  • Google Maps: Using the Street View on Google Maps one can easily explore the world at street level.
  • Facebook: One of the best apps through which one can share their views and can get connected with the friends.
  • Whats App: Using this app one can easily text his or her friends free of cost. It’s a smartphone messenger available for Androids, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone etc.
  • Google Search: Google Search is the fastest way to search the web. One can easily get anything using this particular app.
  • Voice Search: It searches the phone by voice and controls the phone with Voice Action. One can easily call the contact and control the phone using it.

Gaming Apps

  • Angry Birds: The number one mobile game of all times blast off into space.The physics, graphics, gameplay and the amount of levels is marvelous. Very short and very sweet. The app has been downloaded approx 4 million times which clearly shows its popularity.
  • Apparatus: It’s a game of building up simple mechanical structures to move one or several marbles to the goal.
  • Fruity Ninja: It’s a worldwide smash-hit. A juicy action game with squizy and satisfying fruit carnage.

Paid Apps

  • Where’s My Water: Where’s my water is a disney app with around 160 hit levels. The main aim of the app is to collect the swampy’s duck and shower items thus helping in unlocking the puzzle.
  • Root Explorer: It’s a file manager for root users. One can create and extract zip files, rar archives, can send files, image thumbnails, can even change the file owner or group.
  • DocumentsTo Go: It features editing, Google Docs, Adobe PDFs in addition to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint. It even supports Password Protected Word and Excel files.
  • SwiftKey: Global Mobile Award Winner for the most Innovative App of 2012, this app makes typing much eaiser on the phone replacing the touchscreen keyboard with natural language technology. It can even powerfully predict the next word the user wants to type.


There are 20,000 apps in the Android market, out of which 15000 are free and 5000 are paid apps. There are 4000 games. All apps are divided into many different categories. Till now there are 4 million downloads from the market. Around 3000 apps are getting added every year.  So it can be safely said that Android is going to rule the market for the coming years.

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