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How Do You Pay for Android Apps

Android is the most popular cellular OS in the world in this modern era. Android gives us many useful applications. Most of them are free and some are paid applications. We can buy those applications from internet very easily. There is an online market for Android application called “Android Market”. Here we get various types of free and paid applications.

Android Market

In our practical life, we directly interact with seller and give hand to hand payment in cash for the things that we buy in the market. But in case of online marketing the seller does not interacts with us directly, we have to pay the seller using online trading technology. That means we have to make a d-mat account, PayPal account, a credit or debit card, online trading account etc. We need a Google account to access applications from the Android Market.

For purchasing any Android application we have to create a “Google Wallet account” in our computer. The computer must be a desktop or laptop (avoid mobile/tablet). Then using our Google Wallet account we can login into internet and can buy anything from Android market. We can use a personal password to edit or delete our card details.

To purchase Android application online we have to follow the below mentioned steps:

First you have to add our card:

  • Sign into account using this link.
  • Click on Payment methods option on the left side.
  • Click on new card option. Then we will have to fill in our credit or debit card details like billing address, card number, validity of the card etc.
  • After giving required updates click on save button. We can make the card as a default card by clicking on “Set as default” option.

To purchase any Android application we should click on buy button that appears on the top of application description page. Then a page will appear informing us to sign in. After sign in we can access our account. If the application accesses our device, we will see a page informing us about the price of application details and payment option. Next Google checkout page will appear. Here we have to choose our card option by which we will pay. Then click on buy now option.


After purchasing we automatically receive an email confirming the purchase that we made through our Google Checkout account. We should follow bellow mentioned steps to access and print details of our order:

  • First we should sign in our Google Wallet account.
  • Then select “Purchase History” from the upper menu at right-hand.
  • Select on “View Order” option and next to the item which we bought from Android market.
  • Then click on print button.

Now there is an incredible feature in the Google Checkout account. The billing for the app what we have purchased don’t start for 15 minutes. So there is a small window for undo our purchase. Generally when we click on the price button then the app is installed on the phone. If we don’t like the app then within that 15 minutes time if we uninstall the app the billing will not be processed. This feature is also applicable for any in-app purchase. So it is an excellent feature of the Google Checkout service. In some countries and in some service providers there is feature to add the billing to the phone bill. So that we don’t have to pay with our credit card, the billing will be added to our phone bill.

There can be some timeouts in the Android market or the look can be changed sometimes. In these regard we don’t have to worry about that.

Web address for purchasing Android application

Not to mention that Google Android platform provides numerous free apps and games which are noway less useful than most of the paid apps. Of course with paid apps you get the trust of service and support.

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