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DivX player for Android

Android has quite a many mobile players so sometimes it becomes difficult for users to opt for the best one without trying all of them atleast one. While choosing a player many things are there to be considered. According to me Divx is the best video player out in the Android Market.

DivX Player for Android

It is said rightly that don’t just play videos play them well. For them DivX is the opt answer. DivX is the best and the simplest media player that can play almost all types of video formats. Its in beta format and need Android  2.1 to work. Though its in beta form yet it is extremely appreciable by its testers. It can support a wide variety of video formats.

DivX player also serves as a full featured video library manager. Through it one can create video playlists and at the same time can manage downloads. Some of the supported video formats are like avi, mp4, mpeg, flv, gif, windows media, ogg, quicktime, mkv. HD etc. Some of the audio formats that can play on this particular player are like mp3, wav flac real audiolf etc.


Features of DivX Player

  1. Great media player for DivX, AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV
    and WMV videos.
  2. DivX Plus Player now includes DivX To Go, a new feature that lets you automatically format videos to play on any DivX Certified device.
  3. Automatically prepares the videos to play beyond your computer.
  4. MKV video offers a great high definition experience, which is why we chose it for DivX Plus.
  5. In addition to all the features you’d expect from a great media player, DivX Plus Player also serves as a full-featured video library manager.
  6. Enhance your audio setup
  7. It supports .divx, .avi, .avi, .mkv, .mp4,.m4v, .mov, .divx, .avi, .wmv, .asf, .srt, .ssa, .ass file formats.


Some of the advantages of using the player are as follows:

  1. Click Full Screen to make them full screen.
  2. Swipe the player controls down to remove them to view without controls. Click anywhere on the screen to bring them back.
  3. Fast Forward/Reverse to view through the video file is fast and seamless.
  4. Works great! Smooth, full screen, and in perfect sync.
  5. Runs great on Both N1s. AT&T 2.1 and T-Mobile 2.2.
  6. It can be easily moved to the SD Card.
  7. Quickly converts files into highly compressed Divx video.
  8. Automatically prepares videos to play beyond the User’s computer.


The player has its own disadvantages. Some of them are:

  1. Yet now it is not supported in Gingerbread.
  2. The free trial is fully featured but the paid version is of some dollars.
  3. Doesn’t have a hardware decoding support.
Below are the most popular players which can play DivX files – 


Divx Player blows all the players out of the water when it comes to ease of use, codec support, stability, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to watch videos in landscape mode. Divx Player remains as one of the best and finest media players for Android that can support almost all types of wide range of video files and audio’s.

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