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Best Browser for Android

There is no doubt, Android is the most popular mobile platform as of today. Android, as we know comes with its own proprietary browser named Stock. Stock browser is good for normal day-to-day use and doesn’t contain many features and add-ons as such. It’s suitable if you have to just browse the Internet and do not need additional features provided by other third party browsers.

So what all other good options are available as far as browsers over the Android platform are concerned?

Dolphin HD browser for Android

This browser was developed by a California based company called Mobotap. It is highly rated and most widely used. This browser boasts of over 10 million downloads from Android market and is no doubt the number one browser used by many people. Apart from normal browsing activities, Dolphin HD is full of other advanced features such as Gesture Controls, speed dial and tabbed browsing. User can use add-ons that are available with this browser to customize it as desired. Best feature found in this mobile browser is Gesture control, by which one can launch the favorite website (or page) by just making a gesture on the mobile screen.

best browser for Android

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Skyfire mobile browser for Android

Skyfire occupies the second slot after Dolphin HD. This is again quite fast and smart browser and plays the web videos flawlessly. This browser has unique and different method to play web videos in the sense that instead of directly playing videos on the device, it first routes the data to its dedicated video servers, who in turn process and compress it. After that the compressed data is send to the Skyfire browser in your device, which plays it that results in saving of data bandwidth and gives a nice and smooth experience to the user. It has other useful features also such as User Agent Switching, Skyfire search, in built Facebook like button, etc.

Skyfire mobile browser

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Miren mobile browser for Android

Miren is again an awesome browser if what you need is minimal features with excellent browsing experience. Unlike other sophisticated browsers, it’s easy to use and quite fast for all your basic browsing needs. It has some of the most required and handy features such as page scrolling with volume keys, built-in brightness controls and of course full screen mode for comfortable reading and viewing.

Miren mobile browser

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Opera Mini browser for Android

Opera Mini for Android is developed by the company called Opera Software, ASA and is widely used on Android platform. This browser can’t play embedded web videos but is quite fast and efficient. The best part with this browser is that page loading is quite fast and you save on data and bandwidth due to the advance compression technology that this browser uses. What this browser basically does is that it sends the web pages to dedicated servers, which in turn compress the pages (and images) and serve to the browser. In effect you get super fast browsing experience.

Opera Mini browser

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Firefox browser for Android

Last but not the least, Firefox needs no introduction, and is highly used by the browsing fraternity. The latest version available is v10.0 and this browser requires Android 2.0 and up. Firefox for Android is not that famous as other browsers, since as per the users feedback, browsing speed is little slow. Another negative part with this browser is that this browser doesn’t supports embedded mobile videos. Apart from that, for routine browsing activities, this browser performs quite reasonably.

Firefox browser for Android

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As you can see from the above list, there are lots of good alternatives available for Android platform as far as browser is concerned. If you just need basic functionality, then stock is good enough, but if you need little bit extra, you can go for any of the above mentioned browsers, depending upon your needs. So go ahead, download the one you think is good for you and start browsing the web as never before!

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