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Best Android Music Player

Everybody loves to listen music. And if the music player is rich in feature set, then this experience becomes more memorable. We are talking about the music player for the Android platform. As of now, Android Market has more that 600,000+ apps and there is a large number of music players in the Android market, made by several small and big companies. Searching for right music player for you is tough exercise in fact. We did extensive research on the music players available for Android, and came up with the two best ones. Please take a look.

Poweramp Music Player for Android

Poweramp music player, developed by a company called Max MP is one of the most widely used music player over Android platform. This music player boasts of more than 21,000 plus 1’s in the Android Market and has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. The player is free to download and try for a period of 15 days, after which user can purchase it at a nominal cost of $4.99.

Poweramp for Android


Features and What’s New

The player can play virtually any media file available, such as mp3, mp4, flac, ogg, wma, wav and many more. The player has separate Treble and Bass adjustment and is equipped with 10 band graphic equalizer. It has advanced features such as Stereo Expansion, Balance and Mono Mixing. It is capable of playing songs from user made library or any folder for that matter. The user is able to search lyrics via musiXmatch plug-in. The player has 4 configurable widgets arrangement and is highly customizable.

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 Winamp Music Player for Android

Most of the people who are in touch with music players since long, know Winamp. This company pioneers in making music players and now they have a version ready for Android too! Unmistakably, Winamp for Android has almost all the features that Poweramp offers, and that too free. Nevertheless they have a Pro version also, which can be bought at a nominal price, for the people who need extra features. Winamp is highly rated on Android Market by the users and runs on Android version 2.1 and up.

Winamp for Android

Features and What’s New

Winamp has features such as one-click iTunes playlist import, which you will be amazed to know, that even Poweramp doesn’t support. Then it gets Wireless sync functionality and supports over 47 thousand plus SHOUTcast Stations. Winamp is available in 14 different languages and has an expandable/collapsible Playing screen. It has in-built Android “Listen and Search” voice action. User can do free music streaming via CDLP and are able to browse by Albums, Artists, Genres or song as per the desire.

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Other Famous Android Music Players worth Trying

Apart from the top two music players mentioned above, you can also try other music players, as listed below. These music players are quite feature rich and is used by a large number of people using Android devices. They are:


The native Stock music player in Android is also widely used and offers all the basic functionality, but if you want something extra, then go for the players mentioned above.
As you can see, you have ample choice as far as the free or paid version is concerned. So, what are you waiting for, just download and start using right away. Happy listening!

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