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Best Android Applications

Before we start to enlist the names of android applications, here is a brief description about android. Android is an Operating System (Linux based) mainly developed for smartphones and tablet computers by “Open Handset Alliance”. “Android Inc”, initial developer of this software  was founded by “Andy Rubin” ,”Chris White”,  “Rich Miner” and “Nick Sears” which was later purchased by Google in 2005.

From the time Android was introduced, about 400000 android based applications have been developed and you can download many of them from “Google Play”. Google Play is an online store run by Google. You can download android applications from “Google Play” if you have an account in Goggle which is free to open. Now concentrating on our main topic, below is the list of some free android applications.


Multimedia Applications


  • For enjoying your music, photos and videos this application is one of the best.
  • It can play any file format currently supported by your device.
  • The interface is now much more user friendly with a ton of good features.
  • It can be downloaded from this link.RealPlayer_Image


  • One of the best video playing software  for android with video zoom.
  • It includes search, video info, subtitle, playlist and other optional tweaks.
  • It comes with clean interface and a lot of useful features.
  • To download mVideoPlayer click here.


E-mail and Internet Applications

Opera Mini

  • It is one of the best browsing mobile software.
  • Normally Opera Mini 5.1 version is used in android.
  • It is available in 92 languages.
  • It is capable of downloading a webpage very fast; as it is capable of compressing a website up to 90% before sending it to your mobile.
  • It can be downloaded here.

Opera Mini_image

K-9 Mail

  • For android, K-9 mail is one of the best e-mail client.
  • It supports many features like “flagging”, “push email”, “signatures”, “search”, “multi-folder sync”, etc.
  • It is 100% free and standard protocols like IMAP and POP3 are supported by it.
  • To download click this link.

K-9 Mail_image

Office Applications

Google Docs

  • You can create, upload, share and edit your  documents with this.
  • You can convert a photo into a text document using Google Docs.
  • You can download Google Docs from this link.

Google Docs_image

Adobe Reader

  • With the help of this, you can read a PDF file.
  • Various viewing modes like “continuous scroll”, “fit-to-screen”, “reflow texts” are available here.
  • You can share your PDF files using e-mail or Bluetooth.
  • Navigation and multi-touch zoom are also supported by this.
  • It can be downloaded from here.

Adobe Reader_image

File Manager Applications

ASTRO File Manager

  • It is useful in organizing your videos, music, pictures, etc.
  • It is capable of searching and sorting.
  • It has gained so much popularity that it already has 23 million downloads.
  • To download, click this link.


File Expert

  • It is a powerful file manager.
  • “Sharing files via network”, “bookmarks”, “zip-unzip files”, ‘backup or uninstall programs” and many more features are supported by it.
  • It can be downloaded from here.

File Expert_image

Privacy and Security Applications

Avast! Mobile Security

  • It is a security application for android with many rich features.
  • It has Virus Scanner to protect your mobile and your SD card from viruses.
  • “Application Manager “, “SMS and Call Filter” , “Web Shield “,”Privacy Advisor” ,”Anti-theft “and many other useful tools are present in this software.
  • It can be downloaded from this link.


Application Protection

  • It is capable of protecting your private information and application from others.
  • For receiving original code of this software, you have to Press “?” on first running and then add your application and information which you want to protect from others and give a unlock code.
  • Download here.

Application Protector_image

Image Viewer and Editor Applications


  • This application is used for Image Viewing.
  • The interface is simple and nice.
  • With the help of this you can view and browse your pictures from “SD card”,” Flickr” , “Photobucket”, “ Tumblr”,” Windows Live”, “Picasa” ,etc with slideshow.
  • This application can be downloaded from this link.


Photoshop Express

  • This application is used for Image Editing.
  • The interface is nice and simple.
  • Edit your pictures and do whatever you want to do; -like crop ,rotate , adjust color or give some effects to make your image looks good.
  • To download this application, click here.

Adobe Photoshop_image

Educational Applications

A Word A Day

  • It is an education based android application that gives meaning of Today’s English word from Merriam-Webster dictionary.
  • It is very useful for learning English.
  • You can also download episodes (full of meaningful words) for listening purpose.
  • To make your English Word pronunciation better, you can practice the same with Google voice.
  • This apps can be downloaded from here.

A word A Day_image

Google Sky Map

  • This application helps you to identify Planets, Stars, and celestial objects with labels. For doing this, you have to manually browse the skies or have to point your android phone at the night sky.
  • With the help of this, you can search and zoom the objects.
  • It can be downloaded from this link.

Google Sky Map_image

Phone and Messaging Applications

Dialer One

  • It is a useful dialer application for android.
  • It  has a smart multilingual T9 dialpad.
  • “Simultaneous search on contacts and calls”, “Speed dial”, “contacts and favorites” are some of its useful features.
  • Download this apps here.

Dialer One_image

Meebo IM

  • It is an instant messaging application for android.
  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • You can chat with your family and friends on “Yahoo”, ”AIM”, ”MSN”, ”Google Talk”, ”Jabber”, ”ICQ”, ”MySpace” and many more.
  • To download this apps follow this link.


Game Applications


  • It is an action based game for android.
  • Here you have to jump from one wall to another perfectly by clearing obstacles.
  • To become a Ninja Master you have to rise at the top.
  • It can be downloaded from here.


Angry Birds

  • It is physics based game application for android.
  • Logic, force and skills are required to solve this game; consisting of 195 levels.
  • Here you have to destroy the fortresses of greedy pigs using powerful angry birds.
  • To download this apps, click this link.

Angry Birds_image

So here all the best applications are enlisted. Hope this article is going to help the reader in finding all the very helpful, useful and best applications they can use in their android devices.

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