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Best 10 Antivirus for Android

When it comes to the protection of your Smartphone or Tablet, the first thing that comes in mind is a good, reliable Antivirus software. We are providing you some of the best and authentic Antivirus names to choose from.

 1. Zoner AntiVirus by ZONER Inc.

It is a free antivirus for Android devices. Zoner is rated 4.5 out of 5 by the users. Zoner protects your device against viruses, Trojans. It also provides phone call and message protection. Current version is 1.3.0, that requires Android 2.1 and up. The size of Zoner is 869k.

Click here to download Zoner Antivirus.

2. NQ Mobile Security and Antivirus by NQ Mobile (NetQin Mobile Inc.)

NQ is West Coast Labs certified software. It helps to get rid of viruses, spyware and stay away from phone hacking. Users rate NQ as 4.5 out of 5. It is a free software. Current version is available and Android 2.0 or up is required to install the NQ mobile Security and antivirus.

You can download it here.

 3. AVG Antivirus Pro by AVG Mobilation

AVG pro claims to give you peace of mind by protecting your Smartphone or Tablet in any downloading process and from harmful apps and unwanted SMS. Besides providing your device multiple layers of protection, AVG Pro also offers a suit of features that help to keep your privacy and personal data safe. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 as well. Current version available is 2.10 and it requires AndRoid 1.5 or higher.

You can download AVG Pro here.


4. Norton Security and Antivirus by NortonMobile

The Logo of Norton security is “Protecting the Stuff that matters”. It claims to protect your Android device against theft and malware. It provides automatic antivirus scan for downloaded apps. Norton is rated 4.2 out of 5 by the users. Current version is and it requires Android 2.1 or up to use this software.

Click here to download it.


5. Webroot Security & Antivirus by Webroot Inc

Webroot is an antivirus, internet security and identity protection software for smart phones and Tablets. It also provides services to locate your lost of stolen device, scanning apps and files, blocking malware and SMS spam.

Webroot is named “One of the PCWorld’s Best Free Android Apps of 2011”. Tech of Web calls Webroot “Best of the security application for the android phones”.

Current available version is Android 2.1 or up is required to use Webroot Security & Antivirus. Users rate Webroot 4.5 out of 5.

Download it here.


6. Antivirus Free by creative apps

Antivirus Free detects new software installed on your system then checks the software with it’s database of known malicious. It uses less than o.1 percent of your battery. Antivirus Free is a very important and popular tool with over 5 million installs. The current version is 1.3. it requires Android 1.6 and up. The size is 403k, it is rated 4.5 by the users.

Download Antivirus Free here.



7. Avast! Mobile Security by AVAST software

avast! specializes in antivirus and anti theft for your Android device. It provides automatic virus scan and infected URL alerts. avast! comes with SMS/Call filtering, Web shield, Firewall and Battery save.

The current version 1.0.1590, req Android 2.1 and up, size is 2.1M and avast! is rated 4.4 by the users.

Download avast! here.


8. Lookout Security & Antivirus by Lookout Mobile Security

It has over 15 million users. Lookout Security comes with features like:

  • Block malware, spyware.
  • Scan each application you download.
  • Get over-the-air, automatic protection against the latest threats.
  • Backup your contacts to myLookout.com and restore later.
  • Track your lost phone on a Google map (even when GPS is turned off).

The current version available is 7.4-8155d1c that requires Android 1.5 and up. It’s size is 2.9M and it is rated 4.4 by the vast number of users.

You can download Lookout Security & Antivirus here.


9. Dr.Web Anti-virus Light by Doctor Web Ltd

Dr.Web uses it’s unique algorithm to detect the origin of  malware. This way users can detect the new virus families using the knowledge database on previous threats; the process provides the efficiency of detecting detecting new modifications of the whole virus family and reduces the size of virus database. It also provides on demand scanning and SD Card protection.

The current version of Dr.Web Anti-virus is 6.01.5 that requires 1.5 and up Android. Users rate it 4.3 and it’s size is 1.3M.

Download here.


10. Mobile Security & Antivirus by Bitdefender

This software protects your phone as well as saves your battery. Mobile Security & Antivirus has free features like

  • Malware Scanner
  • Application Audit
  • Remote Geolocation

It is rated 4.4 by the users. The current version of Mobile Security & Antivirus is 1.1.641, it requires 2.0 and up Android and it’s size is 1,011k.

Download here.


We hope these applications will be handy for the safety of your valuable Android device. So go ahead and choose the best suited application for you.

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