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Cool and Best Android Tips and Tricks

Android is nothing but a great little mobile operating system. This Operating system is for modern Smartphone’s, but it can be a bit complex to the newcomers. So here are some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your Android phone.

Secure Your Smartphone

  • The Android does include an option to use simple patterns to secure the phone. In order to unlock the handset, we have to swipe fingers across the screen in a pattern which is specific. We have to look for Screen Unlock Pattern in ‘Location and Security’ in the main System Settings menu.
  • Now if we want to back up the phone’s data we have to use MyBackup, which will save our applications, contacts, call logs, texts, and also the settings to the SD Card or to a secure Internet server
  • We can also try Mobile Defence which allows us to use a PC to track your phone via GPS, lock it remotely, back up and wipe out all data.

Stay Connected

  • In order to load files into the Android phone, we have to plug the handset into our PC and pull down the notification panel. Then just tap the USB connected box, and then tap Mount when the confirmation dialog box appears. Our phone will appear as a hard drive on the PC, and then we can drag and drop files as per our wish.
  • We can manage the music and can even import our iTunes playlists with Double Twist. The program’s intuitive interface makes the Media Link look like a bloated relic.
  • We can use Google Calendar Sync to sync the Outlook calendar with the phone without any hassle.
  • We can also use Go Contact Sync to sync the Outlook contacts without using any Exchange server.
  • Stay up to speed with your feeds with the help of NewsRob, which syncs the phone with the Google Reader account.
  • We can use MyBookmarks to have our PC’s browser bookmarks on the phone.stay_connected

Add Essential Apps

  • We can view Word and Excel files through Documents to Go application if we are handling a lot of Office files. We can also go with PDF and PowerPoint viewing options.
  • We can use GDocs to get connected with Google Docs documents
  • We can also use GDocs Notepad with Sync for basic note taking. It saves documents directly into your Google Docs account for easy access.
  • In order to go for Photo editing, we can use Adobe’s Photoshop.
  •  We can also use Tune Wiki to jazz up our music experience in Android which automatically finds and scrolls lyrics next to your songs as they play. Plus, iTune Wiki gives us the access to Internet radio streaming and some cool community-sharing features.

Quick Contact Search

This searches the contacts using the Dial Pad of the phone. We can use this and type the numbers which have letters in it. If we want to search John, we just have to type 564 and we will be able to see all the contacts which match the letter combination available for key 564. In this case it matched with John. We just have to select the contact and press the call button.Quick-contact-search

Optimize the Home Screen

We can set up one touch dialling for the people we call the most. We have to hold your finger on an open space and have to select Shortcuts. Then, touch direct dial and pick the person from our contact list.

We can also drop our favourite Web pages onto the home screen, long-press on any site in browser’s bookmarks and then select the Add shortcut to home option.

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