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Android Software for PC

We all know more or less about mobile world’s latest craze Android. Just for the information Android first appeared in the market in October 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White. Soon they ran out of money and on 17 August 2005 Google Inc. acquired Android. After that Android became popular in the mobile phone market and today after a not quite long journey they created a history that everyone will remember.

Enough with history, coming to Android enabled phones and there are tons of them. Still some of us didn’t have the taste of using Android phone or maybe we have a small look when our friends use it, but truly deep inside every technology lover guy wants to own an Android phone. Now here we can have an essence of Android’s great apps in our PC. For this we have to install Android software on our PC which will virtually give the look of an Android phone.

Now before starting something we have to know that as it is a virtual


look of the original Android OS running on a phone so we can’t visualize or feel the same as we do on the phone. Just to say we can’t use GPS service to locate ourselves on the map or the mobile camera option. Also the apps will run or work slower than they do on the phone. So keeping those small points in our mind we can start using the software. There are some software which will virtualize the Android.

Now before downloading and installing the Android software in our PC we have to ensure that Java is installed on the PC. If we are not sure about that then we can visit the Java website, whether we have Java installed or not. If no then follow the procedure given there to install Java on the PC. If we already have installed Java then ensure that it has the latest version update. Now if we are using the Android SDK for development then we have to use JDK (Java Development Kit) version of Java otherwise we can use the standard version Java SE Runtime Environment.

Android SDK



This is the standard software for virtualization the Android and also for development. This is provided by the Android developers.


This is provided in three Operating Systems like Windows OS, Mac OS X (Intel) and Linux (i386).

Download Link


Install guide

Here are some small but important points that will help us installing the software smoothly. First of all prepare the PC for installing i.e. install the Java. Now when we download the file it will be in .zip file. When we unzip it the setup file will be there. After install, we can use it like we use in our phone. We can download and install apps for different purpose and lot more.




This is Android virtualization software for Windows. Already it has won the CNET CES 2012 award. The alpha testing has been done successfully and the beta version will be available from March 2012.


Windows Operating System.

Download link





It is also a great software in the domain. It has the latest 2.3 Gingerbread support with multiplayer gaming and game saving options.


Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64 bit

Download link


These are some software that you can use to visualize android on your PC. Hope you find this information useful.

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