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Best Android Lock Screen Apps

Android Lock Screen Apps is one of the most popular apps in screen suite, containing collection of utilities required for the screen of your android phone. This app has some features in general and I am going to enlist those one by one

  • Inclusion of contacts if your phone is lost or in an emergency.
  • Digital Date and Time widget.
  • Battery indicator to show charge levels.
  • Auto lock feature for your phone during calls.
  • Personalization options to customize utilities according to user’s need.
  • Prevention of HOME button override.
  • Resolution for Proximity sensor issues.
Now we will discuss about different lock screen apps available in the market and about its’ features


LockBot is the most comprehensive lock screen apps available for Android phones. The application has some amazing features to offer. However the application still needs some finishing and it lacks quality at present. In the free version you will get three lock screens: iPhone, Hero and Eclair styles. The pro version has Froyo, X10 and Galaxy styles. Also in the Pro version you will be able to access the theme gallery and will be able to choose one from the various themes available there. You can select either one particular lock screen type or more than one style. When you select more than one style the lock screen, it will change each time you lock your phone. The app also allows you to edit the clock and backgrounds of each lock screen. LockBot This app can be downloaded from this link @ $4.02.

GOTO Lockscreen

The unlocking method is a bit odd, but it works. You have to swipe the slider in an arc. Along the way you can stop and launch specific apps from the lock screen. The arcing swipe is still a bit weird, but no complaints there. GOTO is designed with elegance that you won’t see enough. The thoughtful design and polished graphics are well done. GoTo This app can be downloaded from here @ free of cost.


Lock will give a lock screen very similar to that of the iPhone. To unlock the screen you just need to slide the bar from left to right. The application has a good collection of backgrounds and battery skins which can be easily downloaded, giving us the ability to keep changing the lock screen look. Lock To download this app click here and can be downloaded at free of cost.

Widget Locker Lock screen

It is a lock screen customization tool which has a lot of options for apps and widgets. Widget Locker basically turns lock screen into another page of apps. Then there are the sliders. You can assign different actions to each slider like unlocking the phone, launching apps, or even muting the ringer volume. The sliders can be resized, dragged around the screen, and graphically customized to any content.


This app can be downloaded from this link at the cost of $3.11.

3D Koi Pond Live Screensaver

This application allows you to transform the lockscreen to something really amazing. The lockscreen app has a live wallpaper where you can tap on the screen to scare away the fish, or drag the leaves anywhere in the pond. The fish are smart and alive. If you touch them they will flee. If you double-click the screen means food is dropped in for the fishes. If you long press somewhere, the fish will gather together around your finger. This is a very good looking lockscreen app and one amongst the very few featuring live wallpaper. 3D Koi Pond Live ScreenSaver It can be downloaded from this link @ free of cost. Here we have tried to enlist all the lock screen apps along with its features, screen shots and download links and hope this article will help you in understanding different lock screen apps for android and choose the best one for your android phone.

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